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Confidence, Growth, Passion

The Studio M


Studio M Voice Vocal Studio Lessons Montclair New Jersey

Your voice is a gift you share with the world every day. Learning how to use your voice is one of the most joyful explorations in your entire life. The more you learn how to use your voice, the more it will give back to you. Your voice will give you confidence. Your voice will give you passion. Your voice will give you the ability to express heartbreak and love. Your voice will give you freedom. Above all, your voice will give you joy.

My approach is to teach my youth and adult students to connect with their voice on a technical level, a creative level, and an emotional level. I want all of my students to develop a lifelong love for singing and to feel that their voice is always a source of strength and joy. I want to work with students who are not afraid to sing in the shower and are not afraid to dream of singing at Carnegie Hall. I want students who will teach me something as well.


"The only thing better than singing is more singing."

- Ella Fitzgerald




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Miranda Ferriss Jones

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